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we educate a man. To educate a woman, we educate a Generation.

To educate a man, we educate a man. To educate a woman, we educate a Generation. Since time immemorial, women have been struggling for their rights as Right for education, right for equal wages, right to enjoy constitution. India got Independence so, long but yet women are not independent , they are facing restriction and discrimination. Wac foundation has taken the initiative to cooperate those underprivilesed section. Women of rural areas yet have no contribution in the nation's economy. Our objectives are providing them skills as stitching, basic-education, beautician etc, through which they could be self-reliant both economically and mentally. This is not possible without full employment.

  • It is the wome who are the leaders in change and without their participation povery can never be removed
  • Women are the backbone of society, support women, support the society.
  • A woman is the full circle. within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
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Schooling doesn't assure employment but SKILLS does

Wac foundation has taken the initiative to Skill India. Skill is a wonderful art which polish our Quality and provide …

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Our environment needs to be protected, else we may regret further.

We are only the medium Whose responsibility is to conservation and Preservation the natural resources for coming Generation.

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Education gives us wings, power and confidence to lead a meaningful life.

Education gives wings in life to reach at the zenith of success.

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Single sponsor to a single child can change the scenario of our Society !!!

Your sponsorship can help a child to complete their education till 12th grade.

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Animals are the wonderful creature . Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

Wac foundation is a non-government org. that focus on social Welfare. We are animal lover. Our affection toward animals shows …

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