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Education is a only weapon which makes us able to fight with penury and handle the situation for the better survival.

Education is the fundamental and basic quality to lead a happy and contented life. It improves one's Knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude. Education gives you high esteem in society. I have Great faith on Value of Education and being an active Citizen, it's our responsibility to guide and provide a platform for the Underprivileged section. We all know that through Education an individual can change their financial crises. Wac foundation has taken the initiative to educate the communities and society.I f we have to establish India a richest and well developed country. first step to success is education. Through which we can enlarge employment and survive a respectable and content life. Under Article 21 A, Indian Constitution provides the right of education to all kids under age group six to fourteen years has right to education, free and mandatory. Education gives us wings, power and confidence and encourage us to lead a meaningful life. #Education is a life line for survival.  #Education gives us wings to fly and proof our Identity.    #Education has omnipotent power.  #Education is the only weapon which gives us Identity."

Unnati SMART Mission

Unnati SMARTCenter strive to transform the rural lives through skill development. Make India skillful and proficient in specific fields. So, they could be capable to establish their own employment. Our strive to spread the drive world -wide and Create the involvement of the deprived section.

Unnati SMART Vision

A skillful, self-reliant and self- Employed rural India, where communities are capable of transforming their lives.

Unnati SMART Goal

Make India skillful so they can operate their own employment section.

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UNNATI SMART CENTER provids multiple skills in CRS (CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP AND SALE) courses these skill are the demand of the …

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Wacfoundation has taken the initiatives of food distribution in its community !


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Wacfoundation has taken the initiatives of Women's Health Check-up