How it work:-

Our Unnati SMART Center  team member and volunteer  visits to Schools in the communities and interacts with the school authorities, education committee and  list out a Data where some of the Underprivileged children discontinue their studies and involved in rag picking, cycle mechanic shops, beedi and crackers making units. our team helps in rescuing these Deprived children and enables them to continue their education by support. The donations are also used to provide school bags, shoes, uniform, stationery kits. These great work for the upliftment of society is incomplete without your Generous Support. Kindly Provide your support to Underprivileged Children who drop their study in between and start laboring. Wac foundation runs Multiple programs to Empower the marginalized women and children and other communities in the Rural and Urban area.

 # To conduct research among tribal and rural people and initiate action oriented program for their Development. 

# To generate and increase employment by supporting youth. 

# To organize workshops, training programs seminars and conferences. 

Your single sponsorship can change their life . Please raise your hand for their support. 

# A Child is the future of Nation.

# Support a child support Nation. 

# You are the only one who can stop the children's dropping out from schools.