Animals are the wonderful creature . Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

    ON 15, November - 2022

Animals and Birds Care 

WAC foundation is a platform not only for Children but also for animals, our strive is to Contribute the involvement in social responsible. Basically, We are animal lover. Our affection toward animals shows our humanity. Compassion for animals is intimately Connected with goodness of character,  and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good- man. Human being has greater priority over all Creature,so, we should show our Sympathy with Speechless animal. Animals and Birds are wonderful creature of Nature. We are actively against to those who has cruelty for animals and Birds. Not only conservation of plant and other Resources are  necessary but Preservation of animals and Birds are also necessary to live and survive. Air, water, plant , tree and animals. All are wonderful part of our planet. We can speculate our existence without them. With our deepest and warmest concern trying to conserve and preserve these vulnerable creature. Many notable and well known social worker and Philanthropist are involved in this scared endeavor of conserving and caring for these speechless creature. 

# Animals, Birds, Plants and trees are the integral part of the environment Kindly  raise your supportive hand and protect them. 

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