Mrs. JYOTI
  • 2023-01-06
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Education is the only weapon which makes us able to fight with penury and handle the situation for the better survival. Wac foundation has taken the initiative to educate slum  and cluster kids and  make them self dependent  Without education individual identity is gone nowadays. Education is the fundamental and basic right to lead a content and happy life. 

To become successful and grab better opportunities not only 

Education is enough but skills are mandatory, education is not differ from skill development but it's a way how a simple educated people polish the work and become a skillful person,

Schooling doesn't assure employment but school does. WAC FOUNDATION are giving the opportunity to the youth to become skillful and grab better and best.

#Education is the right not the privilege.

#Education gives us wings to prove our-self. 

#Education is the first step to be skillful.



#Education is a step up to skill. 

#Education is a life line for survival. 

#Education gives you wings to fly and proof your Identity.   

#Education has omnipotent. 

#Education is the only weapon which gives us Identity. 




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