Women Empowerment

    Mrs. JYOTI
  • 2023-01-06
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                           Women Empowerment 

Since time Immemorial Women have been facing social discrimination. Now we are in 21 century Yet, Women  are struggling for their rights. They are facing issues at home, in office, in society etc. Since Vedas  to current century they have been struggling for their rights. Basically this discrimination starts from home, as most of us doing discrimination with our sons and daughters, first and foremost we should stop discriminating with our own kids and guide them to respect women whether she is your Mother, sister, wife and daughter. As we know charity begins from home. In the same way we if we guide our sons since their childhood they would maintain this thing for ever.  In offices they are paying wages differently, as male are getting higher salary than female for the same work.  Torturing them for the name of dowry. Torturing them in offices by misbehaving and disrespecting. Gone are the days when women were forcefully burn alive on the dead body of her husbands.  Now, women are also an asset for the family and nation, that they are shouldering to the male in every field.       

#WOMEN are the creature of Earthling.

#Women are shouldering to man in every-field. 

#Women can handle office, home, kids simultaneously.

#Women have proven her strength in every field. 

#Contribution of Women can promote the financial strength.



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