Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

    Mrs. JYOTI
  • 31 Mar 2023
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Women Empowerment refers to the process of giving power and resources to the women to build competence of decision making power and maintain self-reliant.

Sapna is a widow of 45 years, at the very little age she got married to an elder man who was 10 years elder to her and after his death she was completely hopeless that how she would survive with her four kids it was very difficult to makes end meet in this inflation. Wacfoundation always get in touch of such needy of their community. When our volunteer team gets to know the genuine problems of Sapna,    All the financial support as space, cooking equipment, utensils and other accessories provided to her.  Then she beginning of work in the name of Shri Ganesha and started cooking and distributing food boxes in the local areas. Initially the order was like 8-10 boxes and Sapna really needed money for her  survival  so, she worked harder  day and night and the consequences was, “Now she is getting great orders” form the locality like smalls companies, factories, and nearby schools. With her dedication and devotion she established her name in the COOKING WORLD. Now she is leading a Happy and Healthy life with her kids and very grateful to WAC FOUNDATION'S TRUSTEE.


Role of Wacfoundation

Wacfoundation keep trying on priority to get in touch with needy One. Our Volunteer is mobilizing in community to find out the genuinely needy person. Wacfoundation maintains Data-record of clusters via Mobilization and always ready with their Supportive hand. 

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