Rural Development

    Mrs. JYOTI
  • 2023-01-10
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                                Rural Development 

Even after Completing 75 years of Independence, right from the Nehru era to Modi era, rural Indian are yet deprived from the fundamental life  and amenities of life as clean drinking water, hospitals, roads, schools and electricity and many more.  They are not aware about their fundamental rights  due to lack of knowledge and education. Our objective is to educate India. Create awareness and equilibrium sense in  rural and urban society. There is no comparison in urban and rural life style. Urban society is enjoying all the right as they have wealth and platform. In same way have a glance toward rural life, they are yet deprived from the basic facilities and amenities. So WAC FOUNDATION has taken the initiative to cope-up with this discrimination of society, we strive to provide a platform for youth where they can polish their skills and make them updated for better to best job opportunity. Our main objective is to fill the gab between rural and urban development. Uplift the deprived section of the society. Women's and Children's are the backbone of society. We work  for their upliftment by providing different skills as beautician, stitching, education, language training etc. So, they can establish their own business. Wac  foundation is given chance to women to be self- reliant. Self help is the best help . Wac foundation is trying to reach every corner of slum and cluster and spread awareness about the value of skills. 
# UNNATI SMART CENTER is with youths to polish their skills for their better placement. 


Through online and offline classes Unnati Smart Center provides skills to the youth of every corner of the world. 


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